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St Augustine

St. Augustine

There is an abundance of history, beauty and adventure in St. Augustine, Florida.

Reference sources publish that St Augustine is the oldest continuously inhabited European established settlement in the contagious United States. History and tradition are rich and abundant in St Augustine Florida.

Located in St. Johns County part of Florida’s First Coast Region and Jacksonville Metro area.

Founded in the 1500’s St Augustine was the capital of Spanish Florida for two centuries. This historic city is closely connected to the legend of “The Fountain of Youth” and Ponce de León, The Fountain of Youth a spring, supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. Stories have surfaced over time of this mystical water, a bit of research will reveal it may be a tea brewed by locals in the Caribbean.

In the city center of St Augustine you will find oak lined streets filled with churches, government buildings, schools, horse drawn carriages, the majestic “Bridge of Lions” and various other sights almost to numerous to  list.

One of the highlights is “Castillo de San Marcos” located in the center of St Augustine . The many angles of exterior make it the center piece for amateur and professional photographers alike.

A still active lighthouse “St Augustine Light” built in 1824 offers views of the city and the grounds are quite striking as well, also located on this site is the St Augustine Lighthouse & Museum.

The worlds “Tallest Cross” is located in St Augustine, it makes a great photograph.

On a regular basis we journey to St Augustine with a group of camera toting photographers with skill varied levels from beginner to professional and the results never seem to amaze. Always someone finds an angle or perch to capture what others have overlooked.

In all, the architecture and lifestyles of St Augustine offer hours if not days of things to do and places to go, as we do on a regular basis.