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KSC Employee Visit 2010

KSC Tour 2010

KSC Tour 2010 special invitation visit, One of the Orbiters on the pad, Endeavour, construction underway for Orion program, every NASA facility open for inspection. 

Our group visited Pad 39a, OPF 3, Crawlerway, NASA Rail Hub, NASA Barge Pier, The VAB, & the construction complex for launch platforms facilities all on the Kennedy Space Center.

The time spent in OPF 3 (Orbiter Processing Facility 3) and the attached engine shop SSMEPF  (Shuttle Main Engine Processing Facility). This was a unique experience as this facility services the rocket engines for the Shuttle Fleet and other engines for launch operations.

Escorted by one of the Managers charged with maintaining the Orbiter tile system, we were offered views of equipment and facilities only a few could experience.