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Endeavour Port Canaveral

Endeavour over flight of Port Canaveral

Endeavour Port Canaveral

The Endeavour Port Canaveral flyover finishes the last 740 miles, the longest leg of a four stop flight lasting about 2.5 hours, the flight from NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, California will place the flight at the SLF at approxamatly 2:30pm.

The Endeavour Port Canaveral flyover finishes the three-day cross-country ferry flight of Endeavour and Shuttle Carrier Aircraft 905 passing over the Port before turning toward a touchdown at KSC’s three-mile landing strip. A showcase event provided thousands of spectators on Cocoa Beach, Patrick Air Force Base and the Space Coast with an impressiave view in bright blue skys for the mid afternoon specticle.

Mounted atop a heavily modified Boeing 747 shuttle carrier aircraft, Endeavour arrives for processing for the next flight. Once on the ground at the SLF, Endeavour will head to the Mate-Demate Device for seperation from the carrier aircraft and then a short trip to the Shuttle Processing Facility Saturday.

A heavy cargo container is firmly secured in its payload bay, Endeavour weighs over a quarter-million pounds mounted on the 747.  

Endeavour was diverted to Edwards Air Force Base in California as mission controllers sighted poor weather at the Cape Canaveral Shuttle Landing Facility this comples a 16-day mission to the International Space Station.


Highlights of Space Shuttle Endeavour’s over flight of Port Canaveral Florida Dec. 12, 2008

  • Endeavour and its modified Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft took off from Barksdale Air Force Base, La., at noon and arrived at Kennedy at mid-afternoon.
  • The ferry flight started Wednesday morning when the piggyback pair departed NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center on Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California
  •  The first leg of a cross-country flight to Biggs Army Airfield at Ft. Bliss, Texas.
  • After refueling, the 747-shuttle combo continued on to Naval Air Station Ft. Worth where the craft remained overnight.
  • They continued on to Barksdale on Thursday, with a fly-over of NASA’s Johnson Space Center.
  • An Air Force C-17 cargo aircraft as pathfinder ahead of the 747-shuttle combination.

NASA Reference Space Shuttle Endeavour’s ferry flight to KSC