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Olympus E5

The Olympus E5


I had the good luck to purchase one of the first Olympus E5 camera body’s in the United States, after posting a few photos on “” I had requests from a large number of people around the world to post a gallery of sample photos.

The Olympus E5 was a breakthrough camera body encompassing world class in body image stabilization, a pivoting 3″ high resolution monitor, built in dust reduction system, a splash/dust proof design and HD Video.

This selection of photos were originally posted on my previous gallery site and received tens of thousands of views.

The odd effect in some of the photos is a built in “Sudo HDR (High Dynamic Range) Art Filter” The photos were taken in and around Port / Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island and Cocoa Florida

Equipment used:

  • Olympus E5
  • Zukio lenses – 12-60mm f2.8
  • 7-14mm f4
  • 14-35mm f2.0
  • 35-100mm f2.0.
Olympus E5