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The facilities of NASA, The United States Air Force, the Florida Spaceport Authority, The United States Air Force Department of Defense, The United States Air Force Navy, Boeing, SpaceX and Countless Aerospace contractors just to name a few occupy a strip of land, Merritt Island (actually an island of sorts) Known as Kennedy Space Center, The Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and The Eastern Range.

Kennedy Space Center:

The Kennedy Space Center is a working space port, one of two places on earth you can ship something via Rail, Air, Water, Under Water, Space…… oh and land based transportation too.

Facilities Kennedy Space Center 2009
Facilities Kennedy Space Center 2009

The Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex is a active Entertainment Attraction spanning 70 acres, bringing an estimated 1.5 million visitors yearly to see and experience Americas Space Program firsthand. The entire Kennedy Space Center encompasses 6000 acres and employees over 15,00 people.




The Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and The Eastern Range:

The Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and The Eastern Range on the Atlantic Ocean, 51 Launch Complexes with 81 Pads, many are in-active or closed for various reasons but this is busy place facilitating launches to Low Earth Orbit all the way to out of the Solar System. Military and commercial launches are a regular occurrences on the Space Coast and with the new effort and commercialization of the space program it is a very active time.

You will find in the following photo galleries areas that most of us will never see in person, some of the images are of places that no longer exist or have been repurposed. I have stood where Americans first went to space and in the block houses that sent them there, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and the shuttle program complexes and launch pads that made history are included here.


At the (SLF) Shuttle Landing Facility there is actually a group that fly’s cold war era jets for commercial missions or if you can foot the bill just to take you to the edge of space. 


Privileged is the word that comes to mind when I’m ask how did you get to see this stuff,