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USAF Photo

USAF Photo

USAF Photo from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

The Cape Canaveral Air Force Station established in 1949 by President Harry S Truman began the Joint Long Range Proving Grounds at Cape Canaveral to test missiles. 

It\’s location close to the equator was the key to placement of the base within the borders of the continental United States, it allows for launches to take flight out over the Atlantic Ocean and away from any land mass plus allowing rockets to get a boost from the Earth\’s rotation.

Formerly known as the Naval Air Station Banana River and control transferred in 1948 to the United States Air Force America began it\’s now iconic space program.

Located within the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge on 1325 acres with 36 active and inactive launch sites. The  Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Skid Strip provides a 10,000-foot (3km) runway adjacent to the hangers and launch complexes for aircraft delivering heavy and outsized payloads to the Cape. The Air Force Space and Missile Museum & History Center is located at LC26 for information about visiting the museum click on the link below.