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Easter Surf Fest 2014

50th Anniversary Festival

Anybody who does anything for 50+ years it must be good, the Easter Surf Fest 2014 is that sort of event. John Griffin and Company invite the world to Cocoa Beach once a year at Easter time for 4 days of sun, surf and fun. Once held at the World Famous Cocoa Beach Pier, the event has moved south a mile or so to “Lori Wilson Park” offering a bit more space in a great family environment. 

Over the years every one who is anybody in the Surf world has attended to compete or just spectate. Cocoa Beach has erected statues to memorialize their native son Kelly Slater, and it’s probably no coincidence the world’s largest surf shop occupies entire city blocks downtown. I’ve been a part of the event for years to do some photography and even host their website.   

  • Event shot for the promoter
  • Weekend event held at the Cocoa Beach Pier
  • 50th Anniversary of the Easter Surf Fest
  • The Easter Surf Fest draws 10’s of Thousands of attendees yearly
  • One of the “Premier” surf events year after year.

Easter Surf Fest 2014
Equipment used:
  • Olympus E5
  • Olympus E3
  • Olympus EM5
  • Olympus 7mm-14mm f4 Zoom
  • Olympus 14mm-28mm f2 Zoom
  • Olympus 35mm-100mm f2 Zoom
  • Olympus 300mm-F2.8 Prime 
  • Sigma 50mm-500mm Zoom