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BrevardHDR; Brevard County Florida in “HDR” (high dynamic range), I stumbled across this technique years ago in a magazine article. This stunning approach is an assault to the  visual sense, P8067674_5_6_7_8_tonemappedI have been praised and paned for using these protocols to record and image. In the most basic terms HDR is a series of usually the same image 3, 5, 7 frames or more with different light settings stacked on top of each other to bring sharp detail to each frame. Saturation, sharpness, hue and vibrancy also effect the final product to produce these intensely colorful and detailed image.


These are not the photos that came out of your grand parents brownie camera, if a different perspective is what you like check out, these images are truly unique and visually pleasing to say the least.

P8026977_78_79_80_81_tonemappedYou don’t have to get carried away with all the fluorescent colors and over saturation, some suttle changes can make the most basic photo look amazing.

As with any thing new or different approach one can get a bit caught up in the process and your friends and family might question where you are going with the look or texture of an image, most photographers take an open mind stance on non standard processes like HDR, their are tons of articles and software packages to introduce you to this world of photography, try it out, if not it’s nice to look at.