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Architecture Gallery

Architecture Gallery

This Architecture Gallery is a work in progress, photographs will be added on occasion as time allows.

Contained within these galleries are images I have had the privilege to visit view and record. Some of the images are straight conventional photography, others are HDR ( High Dynamic Range ) photography a process that takes a series of frames and is combined to allow light to be altered in each frame to produce a composited photo yielding a highly dramatic effect.

Mate-Demate Device with Starfighters F-104 and Z28 Camero

The images obtained of equipment and buildings on location at Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island Florida are for the most part taken in areas that are not accessible to the public offering a peak behind the scenes of a working Space Center, The VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) is so large it produces it’s own weather and it can actually rain inside on a sunny day.

The Mate-Demate device at the SLF (Shuttle Landing Facility) are now gone only to live on in images like these. The F-104 and Chevy Z28 Camaro belong to the Starfighters fleet operating at the SLF, the F-104 the aircraft was featured in the motion picture “The Right Stuff” where test pilot Charles “Chuck” Yeager flew the jet to the edge of space. The F-104 once rose to the altitude of  103,395.5 feet, taking it 1/3rd the way to “space”. The SLF features a runway in excess of 15,000 feet and w width of 300 feet.